Add exchanger to monitoring

Inclusion of an exchanger in the rating of Honest-exchange is a good opportunity to increase the traffic of your site by target customers to exchange transactions and increase your income.

Exchange Point Requirements

  1. Mandatory replenishment of the balance for the «Safe Transaction» for a minimum amount.
    You can familiarize yourself with the replenishment and refund process for the «Safe Transaction» on this page
  2. The name of the exchange service must be unique, and must not coincide with other exchange services already included in our monitoring.
  3. The amount of currency reserves in all directions is the equivalent of at least 3,000 USD.
  4. The exchange service is obliged to provide a course export file in one of the formats: txt or xml.
  5. The exchange service is required to provide a working affiliate program.
  6. The lead time for the exchange application should not be more than 120 minutes!
  7. The work schedule of the exchange service must be observed! (during technical works, the course export file must be disabled!)
  8. In some cases, verification of the identity of the owner of the exchange office may be required.
  9. Existence of a back link to our website in the form of a banner  

Contacts for adding exchange points to our monitoring

Email: [email protected]